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We are a small, family-run apiary and market garden, managing around 200 hives and garden of about 2 acres.  

We are very passionate about sustainability, knowing where the food we eat comes from and how it is grown!

We are Dayna and Gabriel (Husband and Wife) and our two young sons, Finn and Noah. Gabriel grew up keeping bees with his father, who was a hobby beekeeper, and at a young age started taking over his hives. When we met in 2013, Gabriel was managing about 50 hives and had been working for a commercial beekeeper in our area for close to 10 years. We took our passions, drive, love for nature/food and hard work and slowly grew our business into what it is today.

Set in the beautiful Southern Georgian Bay area, our gardens are filled with perennial fruits, herbs and medicinal plants as well as a small permaculture orchard where we grow over 30 different types of fruit trees, shrubs and vines. We also run a market garden where we grow a huge array of annual crops for seasonal sales. All of our practices in our bee yards and gardens are organic, chemical free and done with the bees, plants and mother natures best intentions.

We feel extremely grateful to be able to do what we love, have our sons growing up by our sides and be able to educate and feed our community!


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