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Come watch us work through a hive, explain the fascinating inner workings, and experience the magic of honeybees - you'll even get to taste honey right from the frame!

Our program will give you a firsthand opportunity to be around a beehive. Watch how the hive starts building up in the Spring, then see it as they are in full honey production and at peek population. You will get an explanation of a full season for the hive and different roles individual bees play within the colony. We love bringing people closer to their food and educating them on how it is produced. Our goal with this program is to give you a much deeper appreciation for every pollinator you see, every flower in bloom and feel a deeper connection to every spoonful of honey you eat! If your a real fan of our honey now, you wait until you see what truly goes into producing it!

By participating in this program, you are saying "Yes!" to local, small business and agriculture. You are investing in our apiary, us as beekeepers, and the well-being of our honeybees.


By signing up for this share you will get:

  • 2 visits to “your” hive. Once in the Spring and once in late summer. We will work through the hive and explain everything that is going on!

  • A case of (12) 1kg jars of honey from “your” hive!

  • You will get video and email updates from us in the bee yards in between your in person visits


Cost: $300 + HST

A 50% deposit is required to hold your spot. Payments by e-transfer to only. If you require a different payment method, please contact us. The remaining can be paid anytime before March 31st.

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