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This honey is made from nectars collected during the summer months and consists mainly of sweet clover with alfalfa, trefoil and different wildflowers and tree blossoms depending on the bee yard we take it from and the time of year, this is a great everyday honey. Our Raw honey is naturally creamed - never had any heat brought to it and it is in natural state. This honey can be a soft or harder consistency as it crystalizes depending on the nectar sources.

Additional Product Info

Our honey is available in 250g, 500g and 1 kg jars; or 3kg, 7kg, or 14kg pails.


250g Jar - $6.00; Case (12 - 250g Jars) - $72.00
500g Jar - $9.00; Case (12 - 500g Jars) - $108.00
1kg Jar - $15.00; Case (12 - 1kg Jars) - $180.00
2kg Jar - $28.00; Case - (6 - 2kg Jars) - $168.00
3kg Pail - $40.00
7kg Pail - $80.00
14kg Pail - $150.00

How To Get Our Products

You can find us at the Owen Sound Farmers' Market (Saturdays 8am-12:30pm).


Not in the Owen Sound area? We are available at a number of fine retailers throughout Ontario (excludes fresh produce).

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